Halyard 40MM ID Nitrile Supreme Exhaust Hose H000520


1 m x 40MM ID Exhaust Hose


Message have other sizes of Nitrile Supreme Exhaust Hose

Also High Temperture Poly acrylic lined exhaust hoses are available.

Price: £35.58 VAT: £7.12 Total: £42.70

1 metre of 40MM ID Nitrile Supreme Exhaust Hose H000520 / HST025

Colour Black

Halyard Nitrile Supreme Exhaust Hose

Our exhaust hose is stocked in sizes from 38mm (1.5″) right through to 300mm (12″) and is generally Lloyds approved. Almost all our hose passes Lloyds stringent tests on temperature and on ozone deterioration, and will give many years service. Our hose offers very tight corners, but the wall thickness remains heavy enough to give security. The specific bend radius available for each diameter, together with the sizes available and their weights. Only real T Bar exhaust clamps should be used when fitting this hose.




Hose Length

1 meter length