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Who are you?

ABS Halyard Dealer are part of the AllBoat Group. Specialising in good advice, supply & installation of quality marine equipment. AllBoat Services were appointed as an authorised distributor for Halyard (M&I) Ltd in September 2018. We hold stock and distribute worldwide.

How can I contact you?

Tel:            +44 (0) 1752 492 609

Email:       info@abshalyarddealer.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allboatgroup/

Twitter:     https://twitter.com/AllBoatServices

Can you help design a system?

Yes, Halyard designs and manufactures bespoke systems based on the specific requirements of the craft. We will work with you and produce drawings as necessary.

Can I have technical support?

Yes, all our team are trained in the products we supply, and we also have the direct support of Halyard (M&I) Ltd. 

Can you dispatch same day?

We keep many fast moving parts in stock ready send. Orders received by 2pm  can be shipped on the same day.

How can I reduce engine vibration & noise?

Isolating the engine from the rest of the boat effectively leads to the control of vibration, sound and noise on board to ensure a smoother running, quieter vessel.

A quiet boat stops the noise in the engine room and the Halyard Aquadrive anti-vibration system has a long-established history of reducing boat engine noise at source.  It can reduce structure borne noise by 50%.

Reduce engine noise with anti-vibration mounts

Engine mounts are a tiny part of the vessel, but they do have a significant effect on the enjoyment experienced aboard by controlling vibration and noise levels on a boat.  The Halyard Aquadrive anti-vibration system uses soft vibration absorbing mounts which the engine sits upon, providing far reaching benefits that belie their size. 

How do anti-vibration mounts reduce marine engine noise?

An engine vibrating on soft mounts needs total freedom of movement from its driveshaft if the noise and vibration are not to be transmitted to the hull.  In comparison, traditional engine installations demand very stiff mounts which send elevated levels of vibration to the hull.  Vibration becomes unwanted noise.

How to significantly reduce marine engine noise

The Halyard Aquadrive anti-vibration system:

  • uses a constant velocity driveshaft which isolates engine vibration and eliminates the need for exact alignment.
  • uses a thrust bearing that transfers the load of the propeller shaft to the hull and stabilises alignment
  • uses softer steel hooded mounts to keep engines in place even if vessel turns over
  • Improves the overall engine installation and reduces vibration/ noise on a boat significantly

Turn marine noise problems over to the professionals

The team at Allboat Services has the experience to help you choose the right Halyard Aquadrive anti vibration system for your engine, whatever its size, hp or weight.

How can I reduce boat noise?

Sound insulation options from Halyard will reduce irritating, distracting and annoying airborne, engine noises to provide soundproofing barriers from the engine, hull structures and cabins, which are all sources of common complaints.  They absorb sound and prevent the noise from transmitting through the bulkhead, interrupting the transmission of sound.  They will also dampen sounds caused by wave and water slapping which can make sleeping difficult.

Why is my boat so loud?

A noisy boat can drive everyone on board crazy and ruin the boating experience.  Halyard sound insulation products can reduce noise transmission when the engine is running or when the boat is docked to improve sound quality and comfort on board. 

How do I improve the noise levels and make my boat quieter?

Halyard soundproofing solutions will make your boat a peaceful place where you can relax and unwind, and do not have to shout to be heard.  Extremely tough, sound Insulation from Halyard repels fluids, is resistant to fuel/oil spills and most importantly has excellent fire safety standards, meeting the requirements for flammability.   Absorb irritating noises on board your power boat, pleasure craft, commercial vessel and yacht with Halyard! 

Also, take a look at the Halyard Aquadrive anti vibration systems that tackle noise and vibration at source, in the engine room.

What exhaust accessories help reduce noise on a boat?

Halyard creates silencing and exhaust system components, fittings, hardware and accessories that make exceptionally quiet exhaust systems to reduce noise and the sea sickness caused by noise and vibration.

Halyard water separators for marine generators completely remove the irritating noise of water sploshing out of the exhaust, minimise back pressure and reduce the exhaust noise from generators running in quiet anchorages by up to 80%. 

When excellent acoustics and good temperature resistance are paramount – lift silencers are used to reduce noise for engines positioned on or below the water line.

Bespoke and standard transom exhaust fittings

Whether you require a standard or bespoke solution, minimise the risk of damage when manoeuvring a craft with through hull transom exhaust fittings.  Available in stainless steel finish they fit a range of exhaust hoses sized from 44mm (1.75”) to 304mm (12”).

What is the best water filter for drinking water?

Wave International provides filters, filter systems and easy connect cartridges which offer a range of practical, point of use cooking and drinking solutions that ensure great taste and convenience direct from your tap!  The different Flostream models have different flow rates:  The Flostream has a flow rate of 1 litre per minute, the Flostream Hiflo delivers 6 litres per min and the Flostream Hiflo1- supplies ten litres per minute.  The filters use cartridges that last up to 7600 litres, approx. twelve months, depending upon size and usage.

How to improve the quality of on-board drinking water

Always drink clean, fresh, safe and palatable drinking water on-board your vessel with Wave International’s point of use filtration and Hiflo systems.  Flostream provides premium quality drinking water direct from your water tank.

How to improve the quality of drinking water

Eliminate lead, heavy metals, chlorine, cyst, hormones and harmful bacteria from your drinking water with Flostream drinking water filter systems which have inbuilt bacteriostatic control to ensure there is no risk of micro bacterial growth in your water system.