Aquadrive CVB10.10 Complete Assembly


Aquadrive CVB10.10 Complete Assembly

Excludes Gearbox Adapter Coupling


The unique Aquadrive CV drive shaft offers the advantage of creating totally free movement between engine and propeller shaft. With Aquadrive CV shafts, engines can be arranged in positions that are impossible to obtain with any other product on the market. Unlike common universal joints, Aquadrive CV joints still operate smoothly even when the angles are large or different, or the rpm’s are high and the engine is moving back and forth. The flexibility of Aquadrive CV shafts is beyond comparison.

Application: Pleasure or Commercial – (Estimated annual running hours)

Maximum horsepower – Maximum R.P.M. – Gearbox type and reduction – Shaft size – Combined angle on the CV shaft

Given the above information, we can make a life calculation and advise the Model you require.

H.P.Range10 – 4535 – 6555 – 10090 – 175

H.P. Range is a guide only.

The higher rate would apply for higher RPM engines with low gearbox reduction.

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Price: £769.63 VAT: £153.93 Total: £923.56

Aquadrive CVB10.10 Complete Assembly (Consisting of thrust bearing and Drive Shaft)

Excludes Gearbox Adapter Coupling

The AQUADRIVE system takes the strain. The ultimate in flexible couplings. For engines from 5 to 350 Horsepower.

It Accepts up to 16 degrees of angular misalignment and consists of a CV Shaft – Thrust bearing assembly, together with a Shaft Clamp plus a gearbox adaptor to match the CV shaft to the gearbox.

The Aquadrive anti-vibration system offers isolation of the engine from the hull structure.

The cabin & cockpit noise vibration is hugely reduced by more than 50% of noise.